Why a retainer package?

Do you have tons of design work to be done, but not ready to commit for a full time designer? What you need is a retainer designer.

What are retainers?

They are usually monthly packages with a set cost per month for a specific number of hours or final products delivered.


1. Tasks get done easier and faster

Save yourself time from hunting down freelancers or paying big contract fees with agencies for a short project. No need to pay multiple invoices and constantly track work. By signing up for a retainer package, you will always have our services available at the tip of your finger.

2. You develop a relationship

Because we will constantly be working with you, we will gain a deep knowledge and understanding of your brand and style. We will be well aware of all of your brand guidelines, templates, fonts and colours, allowing us to produce designs coherent with your brand.

3. Consistency in workflow

You will be able to plan ahead with consistency, being able to establish schedules and set deadlines. No more “sorry I’m busy, I wont be able to help you now because Im busy with another project.” Having a designer’s attention to your business’ every visual design move, will assure that your brand stays consistent.

4. Your project is our priority

Because retainers are bound by contract, clients can expect that their projects will be prioritised over others’. This is important for time-sensitive projects. By purchasing the designers’ time upfront, you will get priority and great value for money.

5. Accounting simplification

Face it — it is becoming more effective, attractive and affordable to rather outsource than hire a full time designer. However, tons of paperwork can become a bit of a drag. By signing up for a retainer package, you don’t have to overwhelm your accounting with payrolls — you have access to a professional designer without hiring one as an employee. You save a lot of overhead costs and you won’t be required to pay extra for recruitment programs, etc.

6. Discount

You get a MASSIVELY decreased rate when signing up for a monthly retainer package. By committing to a monthly payment, you will receive our normal services at a much lower price (and don’t forget about the prioritised attention benefits that come with it!)

Im not sure if there will be enough work to do?

You have to remain current and relevant to your customer as your company evolves. This requires that you constantly update old designs and branding assets, including things like old pdf’s, forms, brochures and constant web maintenance. There will always be room for improvement!